Be advised that the Commission on Aging and Special Needs Citizens does NOT make recommendations regarding who you should hire to assist you in your home.  These decisions expose you and your loved ones to a degree of risk.  There have been instances of persons hired to assist who have stolen things, neglected their duties to help, or even abused the person they were hired to assist.

The best recommendation that can be made is to ask your friends and neighbors who they would recommend.  Sometimes your minister may be aware of someone he would be confident in recommending.  The best recommendations come from families that have previously worked with that person and can attest to how they treated their loved ones.  Always contact the person’s previous employers.  You may also wish to contract with a service to do a background check on the person.

Should you hire a family member?  Family can be invaluable in providing care to your loved one.  On the other hand, if you are hiring someone for a paid position, that can change the dynamics within the family.  Often in ways you might not like.  For example, would you feel OK firing a family member if their work was substandard?  Something to think about.

Background Checks

Criminal Identification and Records Branch
Kentucky State Police
1266 Louisville Road
Frankfort, KY 40601-1907
(502) 227-8700

West Virginia
West Virginia State Police
725 Jefferson Road
South Charleston, WV 25309-1698
(304) 746-2100

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
Post Office Box 365
London, OH 43140-0365
(740) 845-2000

All states have official "statewide repositories" of criminal history information that include information contributed by the various county  and municipal courts and law enforcement agencies within the state.  State repositories are usually accurate, but all states have provisions for the correction of errors that occur in the reporting and recording of criminal history information.  Individuals may normally obtain their own records from the state, but to obtain the records of another person, a private individual will normally need to obtain a release from the subject of the record search.

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The State Police addresses above were downloaded 28 Oct 2018


Where can I obtain a background check?
You can visit the website at

or call the toll free # at 855-766-7746

If you can figure out how to get a Background Check done via the web site, please let me know.

Apparently the West Virginia State Police are no longer doing Background Checks.  They seem to have turned this over to the company:


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